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Charity Recruitment
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"Integrity is the essence of everything successful"


Right from the initial brief we will help you to promote and raise awareness of your charity.  


A blended mix of social media, advertising, headhunting and networking will be supported by the option of Jaia Solutions conducting voluntary work or job shadowing within your business in order to get to understand your requirements in the best way possible.




We think that that any candidates we recommend should be a good cultural fit just as much as they possess the right skillset for your role.


Our initial organisational review will help us provide the right foundation to candidate screening, review, face-to-face meetings and final shortlist proposal - right through to us helping to manage the offer and on-boarding process as well.



Give Back

In addition to helping reduce your costs through our low fees, Jaia Solutions are unique in the way that we also give back by donating a percentage of the fee directly back to your charity. 


Jaia Solutions also commit voluntary time to your organisation whilst also supporting a VolunteerHubTM that can further feed your organisation.


Finally, we can also provide consultative solutions  and networks to help support your event management, marketing campaigns, etc.



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